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Award Nominations

​Each year, our organization presents three awards to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to childcare and our organization.


Shannon Cassidy Award For Excellence In Childcare

Recognizing an individual who:

  • Shows compassion towards others;

  • Goes above and beyond; and

  • Ensures all children are supported and included.


Innovation Award

Recognizes an individual who:

  • Puts unique and creative ideas into action which have had a positive impact on the children and/or families we serve; and/or

  • Improves service delivery.

Emerging Leader Award

Recognizes an individual with a maximum of three (3) years experience who:

  • Accepts or seeks leadership responsibilities when opportunities arise, and takes action to improve existing practices or create new opportunities for our organization;

  • Demonstrates knowledge and skills that provide or support high quality childcare;

  • Embodies leadership by encouraging and guiding others, displaying exceptional dedication, collaboration, creativity and vision. 

(1) Shannon Cassidy Award For Excellence In Childcare
(2) Innovation Award
(3) Emerging Leader Award

2024 Nomination Form

Submissions received until 12:00pm on Monday July 1, 2024

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